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CKS is an innovation consulting practice that employs user-centered research and design methodologies, including ethnography, design analysis, and user experience, to help organizations systematically and routinely create products, services, and systems. We partner with different kinds of companies to conduct research and design activities aimed at improving existing products and services and conceptualizing new ones focusing on the end user. The company has wide experience in India, but has also worked in different emerging economies worldwide including South Africa, China, Nigeria, Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

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Shubhi Vijay

Head of Projects

Shubhi is a scribe turned ethnographer. She likes the open working space at CKS and the collaborative attitude that the teams bring to the table. "It's a lot of multi-tasking for all of us but it only means that we are learning so many different things". She apologises for the excessive food photography on her instagram incase you chance upon it.

Namrata Mehta

Director - Innovation

Namrata has an undergraduate degree in Sociology from Delhi University, and a postgraduate diploma in Experimental Media Arts, from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. At CKS, she works closely on technology and infrastructure projects related to ‘mobilities’ in both urban and rural contexts.

Somnath Sengupta

Design Researcher

Somnath is both energetic and cheerful. The energy of his team members acts as a catalyst at crucial times. "It's wonderful being here!"

Our Initiatives

Adianta School of Leadership 

The Adianta School offers programs that teach skills of innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship but is also a network of innovators and entrepreneurs, a hub for those looking to make a difference to come together and work together to address these issues and bring about a change.

Bihar Innovation Lab 

The Bihar Innovation Lab, a first-of-its-kind user-centered and systems design thinking led program run by CKS in collaboration with the Ananya Partnership (Bihar), has been formed with a vision to address the need to ‘design’ health services and specific key components of their delivery, to transform the current public health system into a more wellbeing oriented system.

Startup Tunnel 

The Startup tunnel is an early stage incubator that aims to play catalyst to bring powerful ideas to life and take shape. We focus on providing mentorship to passionate teams working on game changing ideas to enhance their capabilities in product development, marketing strategy, rapid prototyping, and design & user experience.


Interesting tidbits about us

We have our very own Bak Bak Cafe!! Where else would you get cheese cakes right in the middle of a meeting?!!

Home cooked meal provided by office to all employees. :)

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