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We’re a young, constantly hungry, energetic (for the most part) and insanely creative team with a heightened sense of whimsy bordering on genius (not really) whose sole purpose is to make you a brand. Period. We are an agile unit that believes it is acceptable to, sometimes, make a mess because beautiful things can arise from it.

We are dedicated to your cause, whatever it may be, and we will do whatever it takes to advance your standing in comparison to other brands. We will fight for your brand and treat it like our own. Just like the lights, we will guide you to eternal glory.

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Our Team

The movers and the shakers

Prabhu Guliani

Senior Marketing Consultant

He will make you question your energy level. This hyper and loud man knows it all (at least he thinks so). He's got his logic game on point.

Biswarup Guha Roy

Marketing Consultant

This metal head guy is weak when it comes to Hindi, but will amuse you with his deep guttural growls. He will for sure charm you with his voice.

Deepak Mandyal

Graphic Designer

The boy from the hills. The one with the man bun. He loves travelling and always looks for a reason to take off to some place to get away from the city’s noise.

Sanchi Jain

Graphic Designer

She is way out of your league if you're anywhere near disorganised. This not so messy and always on point girl, designs to perfection.

Aditya Kumar Singh

Business Development Head

The only thing his jokes lack, is humour. This wanna be Shahrukh Khan can sell you anything. He can relate any word to a hindi song!

Balvinder Singh

Graphic Designer

He will say what he has to say, no matter who you are or what you’ve done. Our resident IMDB, is sarcastic and a huge Game of Thrones fan. He is funny, loyal and a ladies man!

Nalin Sahni

Marketing Consultant

The guy who will tell you the saddest story with a smile. You might find him cribbing in some corner, but he's a total sweetheart!

Anika Talwar

Business Development Executive

While people may fail at life, she fails miserably at diets who never shares her food. She is easy to talk to and has a knack of making people feel comfortable, no matter what the circumstance.

Surbhi Gupta

Graphic Designer

Known for her excellent hot chocolate recipe, this girl will bring a smile to your face just like her designs.

Arushi Singh

Marketing Consultant

Known for her ‘Eureka’ moment once a day. She is the quirkiest person in office, has (sometimes) bizarre taste buds and is always the last to leave.

Rivanjali Mithal

Marketing Consultant

She is considered the drama queen and is our source of stars. Her love for food and selfies is unbeatable. A complete people's person will make an extra effort to help others.

Pranav Agarwal


He is a hyper, finicky, always-in-a-hurry man who believes that he may not always be right but everyone else in the argument is wrong. He has a compelling eye for detail and is also considered the bad cop.

Riddhima Arora

Creative Head

Insanely talented at a very young age, she is a very strong individual who loves to eat and distribute cupcakes! She designs like a dream.

Pulkit Taneja

Outbound Marketing Head

The crazy soul who is a hotspot for bizarre ideas with a perpetual confused look on his face. Overly passionate and enthusiastic about his work but a complete goofball when he wants to be.

Charu Sukheja

PR Executive

She is a people’s person, always smiling and manages to get along with everyone. She is one person who will laugh at her own jokes. Her sense of humour may be questionable, but she’ll always have a mean comeback.

Dishant Bhatia

Graphic Designer

Always engrossed in his work, this guy might look like a silent killer but will burst out when you least expect it.

Raghav Bagai


He is filmy, always smiling and quirky! He’s the guy who knows what he wants and gets it done. He is also considered the good cop.

Amit Dhawan

Senior Marketing Consultant

This 6 feet 2 inches new bee is always looked up to (because he is tall). He is a silent observer and his concentration game is on point.


Interesting tidbits about us

Inspired by GoT and Entourage, you will hear strange references at work.

On Saturdays, sometimes our tea is somehow replaced with beer.

From Honey Singh to Alesso to Pink Floyd, our jukebox(es) play it all!

We’re a hoot! We laugh all the time, even at the lamest jokes sometimes.

We are all foodies and in our presence, you will definitely become one too!

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