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Wingify, a Delhi based fast-growing software startup, makes Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), a market leading tool that helps marketing professionals increase sales and conversions on their websites using a variety of techniques such as A/B testing, behavioral targeting, heatmaps, usability testing, etc. VWO is used by 4000+ businesses across 80+ countries, and the customer base includes big brands like Microsoft, Lenovo, Walt Disney, Target, Ebay internationally and close to home, companies like The Hindu, ICICI Bank, Book My Show.

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Venus Kumar

Technical Support

A die-hard Bollywood fan, Venus has no clue why she shares her first name with a rotating solar system body. She is the first woman to join the customer support team.

Dheeraj Joshi


An apprentice in the PJ world, he seeks training under the leadership of PJ champs of Wingify. An avid multi-tasker, he can play table tennis with both his hands and pull up his pants at the same time. He’s also quite adept at writing JavaScript.

Vivek Vitalia


Fondly called ‘chotu’, Vivek has the talent of sticking out his tongue every time he serves the ball in TT. His trademark ‘chop’ has earned him comparisons with household chefs. Usually the first person to retire home after a party, rumor has it that he attends half a dozen weddings a month. He is a product manager.

Varun Mohapatra

UX Designer

Varun probably has the color wheel embedded in his head, which he uses to tell you the exact shade of grey (of a total of 50 shades) to use in your design to make your content stand out. He churns out designs with such speed and skill that even Speedy Gonzales would envy him of his swiftness.

Rohit Dey


Usually spotted with Raj as the two joined sales team on the same day, Rohit was cursed at the tender age of 11 by some dark forces and every food decision he’s since made has resulted in the most disastrous dish on the menu.

Mohita Nagpal


Ex-journalist with a strange sense of humour that leaves people wondering if she's joking at them or with them, Mohita has a constant on and off relationship with her gym. She is the resident grammar nazi and an up and coming marketer at Wingify.

Ankita Gupta

Quality Assurance

There are few people who would call their dads to pick them up after being sloshed beyond recognition. Ankita is one of those few people. Nevertheless, she bounced back from this judgment of error to squash bugs at Wingify.

Nupur Jain


Being the HR, the most profoundly satisfying moments of Nupur’s job is when in the middle of an interview she casually drops in the fact that she is married with a kid and the candidate looks at her in disbelief, amazed someone so fit could be married.

Sparsh Gupta

Partner & CTO

Sparsh is a Masters in Computer Science from Oxford University where his major was Artificial Intelligence. He has tremendous engineering experience and knowledge under his belt. He enjoys designing and implementing large-scale systems (such as VWO). His parallel interests are in user interface design.

Paras Chopra

Founder & CEO

With a background in computational biology, machine learning, online marketing and web technologies, Paras started Wingify in early 2009. The company's aim is to make website optimization tools which produce results without requiring a degree in rocket science.


Interesting tidbits about us

Nothing to mention here! You have to experience this yourself

Everyone in the company gets together every month to share company milestones, an event we call as Wingify Camp. Special, quirky activities accompany this event – we’ve hosted hip-hop dancers, foot massages, Origami workshop, standup comedy and what not!

Every now and then, we decide to pull all nighters in the office and code or develop just about anything that fancies our collective mind! (Psst..Our CEO built a website for his spouse at a Wingify hackathon!)

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