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    Junior, Mid-Level

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Experience: 1-2 years Educational Qualifications: Bachelors or Masters Degree in agriculture research or social science (anthropology, sociology, psychology) with an experience of working with farmers *Should be able to speak and understand Kannada. Required Skills: _Superior qualitative/ethnographic research skills and analytical abilities. _Very strong written and verbal communication skills for PowerPoint report / publication / blog writing and client presentation _Good planning and time management skills for effective task management _Ability to work under pressure, tight deadlines and multi-task _Ability to work collaboratively with other team members _Ready to work in challenging demographic locations/ or rural locations


Job Description


_Conduct secondary research, expert interviews, primary qualitative research, workshops, relevant to project objectives and expected outcomes _Analyze research findings through brainstorming and data consolidation activities, and create rich visual and textual outputs to represent them _Facilitate workshops and brainstorming sessions with the project and client teams _Contribute towards visual representation of ideas and process as well as content creation (e.g., ppts, publications) _Contribute actively to the company’s blog and share knowledge created during the course of project through social media platforms.


CKS is an innovation consulting practice that employs user-centered research and design methodologies, including ethnography, design analysis, and user experience, to help organizations systematically and routinely create products, services, and systems. We partner with different kinds of companies to conduct research and design activities aimed at improving existing products and services and conceptualizing new ones focusing on the end user. The company has wide experience in India, but has also worked in different emerging economies worldwide including South Africa, China, Nigeria, Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia.


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