20.0L - 35.0L

    0.1% - 1.0%

  • ROLE
    Back-end Developer

    Bengaluru, IN

    Mid-Level, Senior

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  • Full responsibility of designing and building core modules on the server and infrastructure layer.

  • Solve challenging architectural and design problems.

  • Get your hands dirty with clustering, replication, databases, build systems and infrastructure automation etc.

  • Be responsible for building concurrent, performant and scalable services which will power the entire Headout ecosystem.

  • Build and contribute to open-source libraries and components.

Our Dream Engineer

  • Penchant for learning and building with new technologies and frameworks.

  • Knack for writing the most performance optimized code along with it being modular and scalable.

  • No challenge is too big to solve; love thinking product and excited to ideate & build shit all by yourself.


  • Being legendary

We like

  • Strong CS fundamentals, good working knowledge of classic algorithms and data structures.

  • Experience developing server-side technologies using core Java or other languages.

  • Experience working with Spring, Relational Databases, Concurrent Programming, NoSQL flavors, AWS.

  • Experience designing scalable, fault-tolerant systems and databases.

  • Experience with setting setting up systems and infrastructure.

  • Solid understanding of how the web works and it's underlying communication protocols.

  • People who can't live without solving that algorithm problem that they just stumbled upon.

  • People who will give up anything to squeeze in that last bit-level performance.

  • Anything else than can surprise us.

"Our engineers don't sleep they just send SIGSUSPEND to the universe."


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