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    Supply Chain

    Udaipur, IN


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- The candidate will be responsible for providing the Uber experience to every driver he/she encounters.

- The candidate will be welcoming them to the Uber platform, introducing them to a more flexible working life where they can be their own boss and manage their own business.

- The candidate will be required to answer questions, upload important personal documentation and vet drivers to ensure that Uber have only the best.

- Onboarding drivers, training them, entering their information and account details into the system and collecting their documents

- Supporting them and solving their problems related to devices, payments, quality, issues.

- Helping to get more cars and drivers in order to make Uber the first choice. Spread the word about Uber and educate partners about its benefits.

- Candidate should be good at customer facing roles.

- S/he should be a hustler and be ready to do all kinds of work on ground.

- The best of the best get an opportunity to become a Full Time Employee as an Operations Co-ordinator or other roles within a year.


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