What are we doing?

Actozen is a startup that makes health and wellness more accessible, effective and collaborative.

We work with the experts in helping people live healthier everyday and empower them with the knowledge they need and should have. Actozen will help you with adequate avenues to seek feedback from the doctors, support and guidance from other patients with the same illness, and access to detailed information on the symptoms, side-effects, treatments and duration.

Where do we do it?

Where ideas, music, and caffeine flow

Our Jobs

We are hiring, and we'd like you to join us

The Dreamers

The crazy ones who ...

Deepak Prajapati

Junior Programmer

I am one of the first team members at Actozen. I enjoy reading fiction and follow mobile technology. Cultures of the world fascinate me.

Vaibhav Kaushal

Technology Lead

I co-founded Actozen with Pranay and lead its technology charge. I write for Digit Magazine and other tech blogs. I can talk technology for the same number of days.

Pranay Choudhry

Marketing Lead

I founded Actozen and lead its marketing initiatives. A philosophy enthusiast, fan of Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin, and can talk startups for days.

What have we done?

Improving the Healthcare Ecosystem

Online Platform for Patients and Doctors 

The website that can help you organize your health, communicate with experts, and educate yourself about health topics. Our first iteration.

Video Consultations

The only technology product to empower every doctor with follow-up consultations over Video for their patients.

Clinic Management for Doctors

An extension of our appointment engine that helps doctors digitize all their records. Easy and seamless. Actozen Consult!


Fun Facts

We are boot-strapped

Our mission is to make technology super accessible to the healthcare industry

We work out of a spacious living room. India's equivalent of a Garage Startup, but with a nice napping room.

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