What is Airwoot?

Airwoot is an intelligent social media helpdesk system. It uses advanced machine learning to automatically filter out relevant conversations from the social media chatter.

These conversations are usually intent-based e.g. customer queries, critical situations, incidents, engagement replies, etc.

This allows a brand to focus on the vital slice of social media, without much human intervention or monitoring.

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Our Team

Guardians of the Galaxy


Chief Happiness Officer

Woof! Woof!

I see, I eat, I sleep, I make you happy.

Tanay Soni

Backend Engineer

Backend developer passionate about engineering, cycling, and photography.

Anuj Gupta

Machine Learning Enthusiast

Amateur photographer, loves to pursue maths, fascinated by abstract questions, big time foodie with lots of wanderlust.

Arijit Bhattacharya

Frontend Human

Self learner, JavaScript performer, Minimal design practitioner, Honest effort admirer.

Speculative factual @hwk73

Arjun Sahu

Finance & Admin

Commander in Chief for all official and unofficial marvels.

Sarthak Dev

Backend Engineer

Python developer by day and music aficionado by night.
Believes good food can bring world peace.

Saurabh Arora

Janitor, founder & ceo

“His Holiness surprised HIS parents by driving a tractor at the tender age of seven years.”

Prateek Malik

Outreach & Marketing Knight

Diligently simplifying social media, outreach and support operations.

Reach out @geekprateek.

Full time geek + Heimdall.


Interesting tidbits about us

Our Saturday feast ensures that we are ready for an exciting Sunday ahead.

We have an open approach towards emerging technology - it's the dark matter among all matters!

Pun is not just intended, it's implied as a part of the regular communication syntax.

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