Our Story

We are Azoi. Over the past two years we have occupied ourselves with the idea of using the powers of science and technology for good. And even contemplating how these powers can be used by everybody including our mothers (especially our mothers).

We are deeply excited to be a part of the revolutions that are taking place in the space of health and mobile computing. How we think and the products we make, reflect our own desires of managing our lives and health with simplicity, reliability and comfort. As designers, engineers, technologists and thinkers we draw from the world we live in and create utility with products that enhance our lives without getting in the way of living them.

Kito & Us

Technology is intense. How we do it is fun.

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Our Leaders

The movers and the shakers

Hamish Patel

Chief Executive Officer

Hailing from Ahmedabad, Hamish Patel is the man behind Azoi.

Rahul Singh


I founded this company back in 2007 as a salesforce competitor. Today we're much, much more. Everyone in the team does sales work directly under me.

Azoi, Kito, Health & You.

Your work will help someone to live a healthy life.


Takes an ECG reading without all the fussy wires. An ECG is nothing but mapping the electrical signals of the heart.

Heart Rate

Measures and keeps a track of your heart rate or pulse. Your pulse provides glimpses into your state of fitness, potential heart problems or other illnesses.

Blood Oxygen

Helps measure your blood oxygen levels, which if low can be dangerous.


Interesting tidbits about us

Designed to conceal everything but the facts

Think of it as a check up without checking-in

Like a friend, knows you better with time

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