Who we are

Haul Apparel is a lifestyle brand that supports and encourages a lot of subcultures. These subcultures have Interesting Styles & Designs for fashion.

We are here to promote the fashion that arises from these Subcultures that has big influence in our growing society. The subcultures we are inspired by is Street Art , Music, Skateboarding, Surfing & Downhill Mountain Biking.

“To Express Style Through Our Apparel, To Create Possibilities Where None Exist"

Our Office

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Our Team

The movers and the shakers

Kayo Siddhi

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer from Nepal with a passion for digital illustration mostly vector and photo-manipulation.


Graffiti Arist & Designer

Aditya Aryal is a Kathmandu based street artist who intend to explore the unconsciousness as his source
of inspiration. He is a official sponsored Graffiti Artist for Haul. His visions are based more on personal experience and thought process that has been evoked by the urban surrounding



Spending most of his life outside India Sohan is motivated & has always been excited to bring out the Western Indian Style Clothing to the people of India. He is one guy who is changing the fashion industry.



One of the First and one of the top best surfers in India. Over the last 15 years of surfing Velu is one of the pioneers for the younger generations. A normal day at his work is grabbing and surf board and heading to surf to have fun.



Appu is one of India's Best Surfers who rides for Haul Apparel. Its awesome that his job is to Surf Everyday. He is totally living his life to the fullest.

Shyam Limbu

Mountain Biker

Shyam is one of the Mountain Biking Pioneers in Nepal. Shyam is married and he rides Mountain Bikes for living. Shyam is a official Haul Rider.



The Leading and founding member of HAUL. Having lived and worked in many different parts of the world, he brings tonnes of experience and knowledge to the team. An avid skateboarder, surfer and mountain biker who's motivation shows in both his work and his lifestyle.


Interesting tidbits about us

Relaxing place with a lot of internal pranks going on, Music goes on at our office, And Free Xbox

We have a Skatepark, Atv track, Go kart, Climbing, Futsal ground, Basketball ground & a bar right at our office. Whenever we want a break we go for one of the activities

Quality Apparel & Extreme Sports Lifestyle

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