Who we are

Morph is a madhouse, and home to artists, animators, writers, engineers, and consultants. Morph lives and breathes Content and Technology.
We’re a bunch of artists and geeks who make creative content across media... and build the tech needed to deliver it.
Though we’re based in Bangalore, India; our partners and clients have addresses around the globe.
We’re been around for 8 years, but we’re still learning, building, growing… Morphing!
Together, we’ve delivered over 500 projects for about a hundred clients and advertising agencies from 9 countries.

Our Office

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Our Jobs

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Our Team

The movers and the shakers

Preethi Sriram

Chief of Production

Makes sure all projects are tracked and delivered on time. Also interacts with clients and manages some of our pet projects.

Giridhar J

Chief of Ideas

The creative mastermind. Manages expectations of clients and makes sure we have an impressive showreel. Always pushing the team for better results and renders.

Anirudh Goutham

Chief of Biz

I get in the moolah and the rest of them manage and deliver projects. Busy these days looking to expand into markets outside India.

Britus R

Chief of Tech

Our go to man for all tech solutions. Always working on new ideas and tech from VR, AR, and things we haven't even heard of. His team of techies push the envelop when it comes to user experience and delight.


Interesting tidbits about us

2008: Bill Gates quits Microsoft. Morph sets up shop.

2012: Curiosity lands on Mars. Morph grows a new last name, “Private Limited,” and launches tech services

2016: Summer Olympics in Rio. Morph in Dubai!

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