Who we are

SaaS Labs is a startup studio where we build/invest/acquire B2B products and businesses. We are building a range of B2B products ranging from a tool to help bloggers fight ad blockers, a reverse travel engine, a re-engagement tool for e commerce websites and so on. We own a couple of popular social media tools used by over 100,000 small businesses across the world. SaaS Labs is currently well funded by its promoter (serial entrepreneur with experience of building successful businesses in both India and US).

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Aditya Sharma

Customer Success Manager

Aditya is small packet big Dhamaka! Aditya is passionate person and a multi-tasker. He keeps a track of everything including listening silently to other team members and giving his happy time smile. He has varied knowledge on every subject and you will be convinced by the explanations!

Prateek Khurana

Senior Software Developer

He is the code expert, he prefers doing his work with music playing by side. He likes his tea hot and computer cool to handle the research building the product. The interesting fact about him he has a background of VLSI, interest in Codes, passionate about Cars!

Ammrita Sharma

Co-founder & COO

Software Engineer with her own startup experience. People are awestruck with her varied experience at such an age. She can be seen chatting and laughing when not working on the different products in line. Fashionista at heart, loves putting in a lot detailing into everything.

Gaurav Sharma

Founder & CEO

A chemical engineer, passionate about "coding". Started off with a dream of having his own company back in his high school days. He has built products, companies and acquired others and off course sold many. He is a big follower of lean startup methodology and pushes whole team to keep shipping products and features quickly. He is a "Startup Magnet", that's what the team like to call him!

Sanjay Negi

Head - Digital Marketing

His laugh = Hailey's Comet! He is one man army for digital marketing strategy for the company. His "Funda" is simple - Work hard and Party...err...drink harder! A comfy place to sit with a beer & fully charged internet connected laptop is all he needs!

Sakshi Singh

Human Resource & Admin

She is the team maker of SaaS Labs. Every job applicant MUST impress her in order to join our elite team. In office, she is omni-visible probably because she is the tallest in the team. If not interviewing, she can be found writing her next post on her secret blog. Go check it out!


Interesting tidbits about us

Regular Celebrations : Got an idea! Lets build over it!
Accomplishment leads to celebration.

Chai time! Discussion over random topics!

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