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SquadRun helps businesses outsource operational work to a distributed mobile workforce. Tasks range from moderating reviews, tagging images, calling businesses to collect information, and testing out new products over SquadRun's mobile app. Please check this overview deck for more details - http://bit.ly/sr-about.

It's a very interesting time to join SquadRun, we have achieved product-market fit and are in early growth phase so a lot of the risk is mitigated yet it's early enough that you can make a considerable long term impact.

Our Hiring Framework: http://bit.ly/1xIbahc

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Our Squad

Aravind S. Nair

Business Development

I have been with the company since its inception and have seen progress both professionally and personally. I feel like a valued member of the team especially since my ideas and opinions are always taken seriously.

Afeefa A. Baig

Operations and Marketing

SquadRun really allows you to experiment with (and learn) different skills. In just a short period of time I have seen tremendous growth and acquired efficiency in multiple departments.

Shubham Goyal

Full Stack Developer

I initially joined SquadRun, in July 2014, as an intern but was soon offered a full time role as an android developer. Since then, I have advanced to a full stack developer.

Problems We Are Solving

Quality Workforce 

We have created quality workforce and strong proprietary algorithms for faster and more accurate results.

Gamified Mobile App 

A "gamified" mobile app for our users to work and complete different types of tasks efficiently with great user experience.

Business Dashboard 

A platform for businesses to build, configure and track missions on the app.

Client Testimonials

What people are saying about us

Groupon logo1 full

Abhinav Agrawal


"SquadRun's strength lies in its army of players, who can help companies like us complete tasks which require human intervention at a scale, without needing to hire a team to do that. We would definitely like to partner with them in the future."

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Praful Poddar

Director Product @ Snapdeal

"Snapdeal managed to obtain the results we wanted with the help of SquadRun’s crowdsourced army. The platform is easy to use and provides precise results. We are solving several of our business problems across different divisions."


Interesting tidbits about us

You can't win a war on an empty stomach so we make sure our fridge is always stocked with food and drinks. On the house!

We are backed by some of the most respected investors and mentors in the industry (founders of Snapdeal, Slideshare, Zomato, Toppr, Scientific Animations, etc, Kae Capital, Rajan Anandan - head of Google Asia, India Internet Fund, etc)

We’re creating a new market and working on a massive opportunity. We’re creating value for businesses using mobile, human computation, gamification and crowdsourcing.

On the supply side - the idea is to be able to empower housewives, students, young professionals etc by providing them​ with a stable source of secondary income​. By 2020, we will have a million folks benefitting from this platform everyday.

We have been able to grow at an amazing pace. We have been recognised by respected global platforms as one of the hottest startups from India - Startup Nations Summit in Seoul, South Korea; Noah Conference, London, #MobileSparks etc.

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