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WowTables is a culinary platform offering classic table reservations and curates exclusive dining experiences for guests by associating with quality restaurants across India in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. WowTables was launched in late 2012 in Mumbai under the name 'GourmetItUp' by Deepa and Kunal Jain. This brainchild of theirs is the first online reservation portal in India to offer curated dining experiences. They are now associated with more than 200 restaurants pan India and are aiming to grow even further this year. The experiences offered range from ongoing curated set menus, chef's tables and off-menu set meals to masterclasses and mixology classes.

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Senior Content Manager

As Senior Content Manager, Samira's years of editorial experience result in her cheerfully shedding blood over grammatical and other language errors. Other than that minor character flaw, she's friendly, helpful - and will probably be that crazy dog lady someday that your kids will run away from.


Head - Digital Marketing

Heading digital marketing, Rooshabh has a weakness for the word "metrics", paneer and terrible puns. As a dedicated musician, he's often spotted singing out loud at his desk, blissfully oblivious to the world outside his laptop and headphones. His skills on the guitar result in him being assailed by almost as many song requests as he is by pleas for Facebook ads. The best part? He rarely says no!



'Agony aunt' Jigna is the unofficial psychiatrist of the office. Adept at efficiently solving workplace issues and more importantly,evening hunger pangs,she is a self-proclaimed 'samosa queen'. Her cheerful nature coupled with her hilarious idiosyncrasies and catch-phrases makes her one of the most-teased but most-loved people in the office.


Head - Outbound & Customer Relations

Karishma can talk her way out of any pickle within the organisation! Apart from her undying romance for the King of Bollywood and being the official problem solver in the office, she could definitely look at venturing as one helluva stand up comedian as quoted by her colleagues! She hopes to live soon in a world where carrot cake will bring world peace!


Business Development Manager

If there's anyone who can breathe and sleep food without any rhyme or reason, it'll be Melissa. At day she's cloaked in her work, but is always ready to lend one of her multiple hands to her team when needed. Her persistent chatter, day dreaming about what to eat and life-long goal to stuff her colleagues with her heavenly baked goodies makes her the favourite "paowala" in the office.


Technical Head

Mannan is the "Go-to" man for all the 404s in the organisation. Apart from being the coolest GUJJU in the organisation, his idea of a fun night always has a mixture of the trashiest Bollywood songs and "the king of good times". He hopes to join The Batman soon with a few ideas he's conceptualized. For now, he distracts everyone with his dimpled smile while he fixes their problems.

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