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Weblistr is India's #1 Online Shopping Guide. With the mission to simplify the world of online shopping for users and help online companies connect better with their shoppers. Almost all products and services are available online today through a website or an app, but there is a lot of information gap. That's where we come in. Through our portal we help users discover, rate and review online companies.

We also run an active blog wherein we provide information such as website and app recommendations, startup stories, news, deals, trends and more.

We have a young and super fun team of 8 folks and we are based out of Kolkata. We are now 6 months old!!

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Founder and CEO

I am a Gold medalist MBA in Marketing and an Engineer by background. I worked with Bharti Airtel for a year before decided to become an entrepreneur. I conceptualised The Weblisters and am very passionate about it. I am a young, energetic and dynamic person with great plans for the company.

Karthik Bhandary

Sales head

I am based out of Kuwait where I have been leading an fmcs distribution company for 2 years now. I am an MBA from Great Lakes and an engineer from Manipal University. I currently handle the sales for The Weblisters from here but I plan to move to India soon. I am a total chiller and consider myself as a people's person.


Interesting tidbits about us

We have all our meetings in cafes and pubs. It helps us open up our minds and thoughts.

We have started earning revenue within only 2 months of our operations

We are a super young and fun team. You will make friends at this cool startup, not just colleagues.

We have great appreciation for sense of humour. If you cant take jokes or play them, don't apply. Seriously, don't.

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