• ROLE
    Back-end Developer

    New Delhi, IN

    Junior, Mid-Level

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Job Description

Broomberg is looking for smart engineers to work on some of the most interesting technical challenges to help us accomplish our goals. You will be a part of the core engineering team, working directly with the founders and the rest of the team. Joining us at such an early stage, you will be working across the technology stack, and architecting mission-critical services.

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop our application’s backend.

  • Design, develop and own components of the product.

  • Collaborate with the team and communicate effectively, to solve problems and build,extend, optimize and refactor the back-end architecture.

  • Strengthen or improve development and release processes within the team.

What we require:

  • Minimum 0-1 years of work experience

  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills

  • Good knowledge of PHP, AJAX, Jquery, HTML & CSS

  • Understanding of MVC and OOPS, hands on some framework is a plus

  • Working knowledge of relational databases

  • Understanding of RESTful APIs and services is a plus

  • Contributions to open source project is a plus

  • You should be thorough with version control system concepts

What you get at Broomberg

  • Competitive salary based on experience

  • Great learning from mentors and complete ownership of product

  • Working with a kick-ass team that is passionate about making home cleansing easier for lazy folks like ourselves


Errand boy


Sleep at work

Pet Friendly

Free Tech



Broomberg is a professional cleaning service provider based out of Delhi and has been operational for over 2 years. The company is young, growing rapidly and is in the process of closing their 2nd round of funding. It is currently trying to expand to newer territories and maintain its dominant position in the Professional cleaning space.
We are looking for driven, spirited individuals with great ideas; people who can think of out-of-the-box substitutes for out-of-the-box, and those that don’t shy away from working hard.


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