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    Content Writer

    Bengaluru, IN

    Junior, Mid-Level

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The company provides a platform for Ideas & Causes .We are is in the business of helping individuals & small firms with great ideas raise resources. We also aid charity & NGO firms raise funds for their projects. Over time we want them to use Fueladream as their defacto platform for all fundraising activities. They are our clients & key customers. Similarly we want brands & organization’s to use their marketing budgets to associate with Fueladream from a marketing & brand perspective .We also see them aligning with us & with the causes on our platform by leveraging their CSR budgets to support & fuel the NGO they want to support. For all the funds we raise we charge a FEE. That is our primary source of revenue.


A) The role is to manage & be responsible with a team for ALL CONTENT on the website. The content on the website Fueladream.com has 3 elements to it:

 INTERNAL CONTENT - Website content, that is Fueladream content 

PROJECT CONTENT - comes from project owners (Individuals, firms and NGO’s) 

USER GENERATED CONTENT - Content from donors, well wishers etc - posts, comments etc

IMPORTANT: This content is what the whole word sees and is the life-blood of our business. It plays a pivotal role in making sure that the Ideas or Causes are able to raise the funds they’re looking for – and hence it’s linked directly to the success of our own business. It needs to go beyond being error-free – both technically & factually – it must spur people to action. Content that can transform people to Funders and move people to Like/ Share & spread the word further amongst their communities.

B) CUSTOMER FACING ROLE: You will be responsible for at least 2 customers /clients directly & will work with the Biz dev team and marketing team on enhancing value to them and making them model customers. This will include possibly one NGO/Social service organization, a corporate /institutional client OR an Educational institution which generates ideas & projects for our platform. This will help you relate to realities .As an example you may handle based out of Bengaluru

a. NGO account: BOSCO - http://boscoban.org/

b. Corporate account: The Taj group account in Bengaluru

c. Educational /tech institute: Indian Institute of Science: http://www.iisc.ernet.in/

In this role you will work with the Biz dev team head. As the business grows we will evaluate how your time is spent and look at the feasibility of this role. For example at launch the content needs of the site and the projects might be a TOP priority and it may NOT be possible to deliver value on your customer-facing role.

C) SECONDARY ROLE: In addition, you will work with the brand /marketing team on all Fueladream communication to

 Customers - Donors, Project owners, Registered users, Consumers etc 

 On Social media & Comm. - This will pertain to FB, Twitter, PR feeds, Emails /Newsletters etc C) 

 Others - Investors, Sponsors, Partners etc


The role will be based out of our HQ at Bengaluru at our Koramangala office. Reporting will be to either the Ops head or Marketing head.


Attractive salary & ESOP’s Qualifications.


Convince us you can write a compelling story.

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