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    Graphic Designer

    Bengaluru, IN


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The company provides a platform for Ideas & Causes .We are is in the business of helping individuals & small firms with great ideas raise resources. We also aid charity & NGO firms raise funds for their projects. Over time we want them to use Fueladream as their defacto platform for all fundraising activities. They are our clients & key customers. Similarly we want brands & organization’s to use their marketing budgets to associate with Fueladream from a marketing & brand perspective .We also see them aligning with us & with the causes on our platform by leveraging their CSR budgets to support & fuel the NGO they want to support. For all the funds we raise we charge a FEE. That is our primary source of revenue.


We are looking for Graphic designers & artists who can create clutter breaking visual communication work across 2 main areas 

a) Product content creation (Website & app) – working on the look & feel of Projects (client projects) that are featured on www.fueladream.com & the internal needs wrt the look and feel of the website & app. You will work closely with the Happiness team – they will with you curate projects that need to be featured on fuealdream.com .The content will pertain to videos, infographics, images, charts etc. Working with Individuals & Organizations (NGOs) you will need to help them create & craft compelling ‘pitches’ for them. 

IMPORTANT: This content is what the whole word sees and is the life-blood of our business. It plays a pivotal role in making sure that the Ideas or Causes are able to raise the funds they’re looking for – and hence it’s linked directly to the success of our own business. It needs to go beyond being error-free – both technically & factually – it must spur people to action. Content that can transform people to Funders and move people to Like/ Share & spread the word further amongst their communities.

b) Brand communication – Work with marketing, internal functions & agencies on designs & creative’s for external communication. The role is to be part of the team that aims to create the #1 crowdfunding platform in India. Creating all communication for the brand & the business – both online & offline, both internal & external – is their responsibility. 

E.g.–Creating a crowdfunding leaflet for clients – A primer on crowdfunding from Fueladream for example for the Biz dev team

E.g.- Creating posters for a CF event at 25 engineering colleges with a sponsoring brand for a CF competition.

E.g.- Creating a print campaign with a newspaper to fund NGO’s that feed school children on world hunger day.

IMPORTANT: This can range from helping create our pitch presentations to partners/ prospective Project Owners / Investors, to working with the external agencies (like digital marketing agencies & PR firms), to co-creating communication with brands & corporates that partner with us, creating activation programs, etc. They need to make sure the communication remains on-brand –not just in terms of adhering to brand guidelines, but also echoing the brand’s tone of voice & personality in every piece of work that’s put out.


Location will be at the HQ in Bengaluru.We are located at Koramangala

The Graphic designer will report into the CREATIVE HEAD & MARKETING heads. They will also work with other members of the senior management team.


Attractive salary plus ESOP’s/Sweat equity 


Graphic designers from a reputed art school with 2-3 years of relevant experience. Must be articulate with good writing & communication skills. Multilingual skills will be an advantage. Must thrive in working in a startup environment .

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