4.8L - 6.0L

  • ROLE
    UI/UX Designer

    New Delhi, IN


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What is Digital Product Design?

Product Design has traditionally meant the design of physical products. This means the chair that you are sitting on, your coffee machine, your printer, your car and so on. Digital products are the products that live inside the magical devices you carry in your pockets and the screens that sit on your desktops such as apps, software, websites and so on. Yes, they are services, they enable experiences, they exist within systems, but at their heart, the “thing” that brings all of these together is a product. One way to think about digital product design is the marriage of graphic design with industrial design. To that end, designing for the user's experience (UX) and crafting the user interface (UI) are subsets of product design. We want designers who can translate user needs, business realities, and engineering constraints into delightful, useful, and beautiful digital products.

What You’ll do

Generate product possibilities and ideas working closely with the engineering and product teams. This could be thinking about the big picture (for example, what do people want and what should the right product be) and thinking about the design details (for example, what is the best interaction for search on this app, or how do we create colour contrast for the right information hierarchy). Make ideas and thinking tangible, in multiple forms and at different resolutions.

- Multiple forms means being able to create things like user experience flows, wireframes, sketches and interactive prototypes, and eventually creating high-resolution mockups and design assets.

- Different resolutions means being able to take something from an idea to a product, and craft artefacts like a prototype or a mockup that is appropriate for that stage of product development.

- You may use whatever tools work for you, but you should be good at the tool you've chosen – pen & paper, whiteboards, OmniGraffle, Balsamiq etc. for early-stage design; Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML/CSS for design implementation. Communicate, facilitate, and persuade – you will communicate through these tangible artefacts what the product can be, facilitate conversations between the entire team, and always be a champion for our end-users.

What you’ll bring (to the table) 

- A background in Industrial Design/Architecture/Human Computer Interaction/Graphic Design/Digital Media Design/Interaction Design is preferred. If you don’t have a educational background in design, but are self-taught, your portfolio must speak for your skill and passion.

- 3-5 years' experience in doing digital design, which could be web design, apps, or software. Related fields such as print design for magazines, or industrial design are also welcome, but you will have to demonstrate a knack for translating that to screen-based products.

- You must have an eye and taste for, and some ability to implement, in visual design. While you will collaborate with visual designers and illustrators, just wireframes and UX maps are not enough. Craftsmanship must be important to your work.

- A portfolio that highlights your best work. Show us your end product (the 'what'), but also show us your thought process and approach that led you there (the 'why' and the 'how').


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