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    Digital Marketing Expert

    New Delhi, IN


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Designation: Digital Marketing Head

Location: New Delhi

Hours Per Week: 48

In search of kickass, smart and quick witted graduates/ post graduates, looking for an enriching and challenging role as a Digital Marketing Head with a growing marketing agency (startup). As part of our team, you will work on meaningful and impactful projects as well as connect with others and engage in professional development activities supplemental to the job.

Come join us!


The person will directly report to the Founder and ideally should have working knowledge of marketing practices and trends. The person must be able to identify and qualify trends and be able to make a business case for each partnership opportunity. The ideal candidate will be required to work as part of a cross-functional team. 



  • Aggressively scale and optimize digital marketing and media campaigns.

  • Collaborate with designers and team members to make exceptional marketing collateral and campaigns.

  • Continually identify opportunities for Sociowash to leverage emerging trends to connect and engage with target audiences.

  • Use data to optimize large budgets and bids within a complex AdWords account.

  • Negotiate large media purchases and programs with strategic partners and vendors.

  • Develop budgets and experiments for new and existing media campaigns.

  • Ensure proper tracking, attribution, and consistency across diverse programs and channels.

  • Use data and reporting tools to expand, evolve, and optimize media programs.

  • Provide thought leadership, strategic insight, and clear communication (written and verbal) to team members on strategy.

  • Be in constant communication with team members

  • lead senior marketing consultant and designs for effective functioning of the online vertical



  • 3+ years managing high-volume and high-ROI marketing campaigns including SEM, display, and less traditional media such as podcasts.

  • Be extremely knowledgeable at conversion rate optimization and best practices.

  • Be extremely comfortable with the mathematics and algorithms needed for optimization from A/B, multivariate, and more advanced testing methods.

  • Be extremely comfortable at quickly using Excel for data analysis and manipulation (pivot tables, modeling, etc.).

  • Be extremely comfortable using tools like Google AdWords, Google Keyword Planner, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, SEMrush, etc.

  • You must have an extremely sharp eye for detail and a strong sense of what types of creativity will be both effective for conversion and representative of the Sociowash brand.

  • You must have excellent written communication skills.


Sleep at work



We’re a young, constantly hungry, energetic (for the most part) and insanely creative team with a heightened sense of whimsy bordering on genius (not really) whose sole purpose is to make you a brand. Period. We are an agile unit that believes it is acceptable to, sometimes, make a mess because beautiful things can arise from it.

We are dedicated to your cause, whatever it may be, and we will do whatever it takes to advance your standing in comparison to other brands. We will fight for your brand and treat it like our own. Just like the lights, we will guide you to eternal glory.

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