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What we do

When we started, we were about helping people find the inside scoop on a company. More like "window shopping for jobs" if you may. Since then, we've evolved into an end to end recruiting solution that uses both technology and human recruiters to help companies hire Generation Y talent.We're a sourcing, matching, decision making and tracking platform.

Why do companies hire with us?

We allow companies to set their story straight. What their office is like, who works there, more about their work culture, Quora-style Q&A platform on their page and much more.

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Great companies with amazing work cultures. Great talent with amazing mindsets.

And a matching algorithm that likes to learn.
We believe the resume is a bullshit measure of a human's worth.

Enter Business Challenges - quick, 5 minute, "on-the-job" challenges that help companies figure out how a candidate will perform in a work situation. Crafted for the top 22 startup jobs with the help of psychologists and recruitment experts, with the goal of putting together a mental snapshot of an applicant.

We also ask our applicants to record a quick audio clip - who they are, what they're looking for, and why companies should choose them.

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A database of high-quality, hand-picked talent across all domains in a free-to-access database, who we split revenue with when they get hired by a company. They can even refer their friends and make money if they get hired too!

Did you think we were going to leave industry trends like semantic analysis, big data, machine learning and social profiling at the door?

Harnessing the power of Business Challenge answers, audio clips, IBM Watson's Personality Insights, Klout scores, our own inhouse algorithms and human intervention, all the Premium talent on our platform are given HMI graphs that give recruiters a fair idea of the talent's capability for a particular job role.

Highly experimental, but the most magical recruitment technology we've ever laid our eyes on (or built)!

Who we are

What happens when a top-notch development team collides with a premier advertising agency?

Well, we don't know either, but we're about to find out.

Split Four

Hustler. Tech God. Product Perfectionist. Sales Guru. With your powers combined we are, Jobspire.


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